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[audio][LBR1] DJ LOW BITE BUMMER MIX - low bitch records
DJ MIX 32kbps
Keywords: dj; lo bit; mix; 2012
Downloads: 9
[8R085] jjoth - sprites. 1
Keywords: jjoth; lo-bit; 8ravens
Downloads: 180
[audio]postmeshische & бьёрро.Ов - split (2011) - postmeshische & бьёрро.Ов
Сплит lo-bit noise группы postmeshische с соседом по хате 1. postmeshische - Sweat and put 2. бьёрро.Ов feat. flashroyal - апатия 3. flashroyal - wishmonsta (live@home)
Keywords: split; lo-bit; noise; experimental; electronic
Downloads: 55
[image]kakuto no doku
just a little release by me download: http://www.archive.org/download/KakutoNoDoku/KakutoNoDoku.zip
Keywords: lobit; lo-bit; ambient; noise; experimental
Downloads: 29
[image]train damage - accidental recording - isteronproject
lo-bit harsh noise mantra accidentally recorded on a train isteronproject, 27-08-2012
Keywords: harsh noise; lo-bit noise wall
Downloads: 8
[audio]Vlad Shegal - Night in the Forest of Death (2014) - Vlad Shegal
Низкобитрейтный альбом Влада Шегала в стиле dark ambient 01 – Forest path and full moon 02 – Rendezvous with devilry 03 – Rendezvous with the hermit 04 – Path to the Dark Temple
Keywords: dark ambient; lobit; lo-bit; 8kbps
Downloads: 223
[audio][8R087] - 8 ravens
[8R087] VA - The Tribute To Karlheinz Stockhausen "Musik Or Sound?"
Keywords: Stockhausen; lo-bit; 8ravens; VA
Downloads: 376
[audio][NQA079] Astma - Demo '06 - Astma
Debut experimental noise album from our Polish friend Astma.
Keywords: lo-bit; noise; experimental; ambient/noise
Downloads: 263
[audio]Cryovolcano - 007 - Cryovolcano
This is the original ogg vorbis version of Cryovolcano - 007.
Keywords: Cryovolcano; Lobit; Lo-bit; Lo Bit; Ambient; Chill Out; Downtempo; Electro
Downloads: 23
[audio][nqa-ogg003] Disthroned Agony - Kelly Doolin - Disthroned Agony
Under twenty minutes of fun distorted and audio peaking lo-bit noise. Go check it out Mr. White Power man.
Keywords: noise; power electronics; harsh noise; harshnoise; lo-bit; lo bit; lo-fi
Downloads: 1,115
[audio][8R088] - NTDEC
[8R088] NTDEC - #001: One More Ice Cream River Bunny
Keywords: NTDEC; 8ravens; lo-bit; 8 kbps; experimental; psychedelic
Downloads: 12
[audio][nqa-ogg002] RedSK - Tunnel - RedSK
RedSK's lo-bit drone/ambient noise album. The album art is a lot cooler than the actual sounds.
Keywords: drone; ambient/noise; noise; ambient; lo-bit; boring
Downloads: 1,209
Collection of all lowbit releases 2008
Keywords: Microbit Project; Microbit Project Ultimate Discography; Dialup sound; lo-bit
Downloads: 14
[audio][8R073] - mhz_
[8R073] mhz_ - Steep Lines 2
Keywords: mhz_; drone; 8ravens; low-bit; lo-bit; 8kbps
Downloads: 18
[audio][8R072] - mhz_
[8R072] mhz_ - Steep Lines
Keywords: mhz_; drone; 8ravens; low-bit; lo-bit; 8kbps
Downloads: 27
[audio][8R090] - graffiti mechanism
[8R090] graffiti mechanism - plebian
Keywords: graffiti mechanism; electronic; house; 8 kbps; lo-bit; 8ravens
Downloads: 157
[audio][8R054] - Enko
[8R054] Enko - Air Gss
Keywords: Enko; IDM; Experimental; Electronic; 8 kbps; 8ravens; lo-bit
Downloads: 238
[audio][GT228] Consistency Nature - Sole Flea Soliloquy
Genetic Trance. A single track by incredible Consistency Nature, performed in experimental, sound poetry genre. http://consistencynature.wordpress.com/ http://genetic-trance.narod.ru/
Keywords: Genetic Trance; Consistency Nature; lo-bit; experimental; sound poetry
Downloads: 102
[audio][GT225] nokLa6300 - b0x`s - 6pyt
Genetic Trance. Lo-bit field recordings by justNOISEit net-label creator. http://deadearsrec.ucoz.net/ http://genetic-trance.narod.ru/
Keywords: Genetic Trance; 6pyt; lo-bit; field recordings
Downloads: 122
[audio][8R083] - jjoth
[8R083] jjoth - Ve4nost ilisa
Keywords: jjoth; 8ravens; techno; low-bit; lo-bit; 8kbps
Downloads: 113 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]SPNet162 - mhzesent - Extratone Paranoia EP - mhzesent
mhzesent - Extratone Paranoia EPCat.no.: SPNet162Move out of the way, punk! mhzesent is here to bring you the future of destruction! Think militant speedcore mixes with bad attitude that smells of the more extreme forms of the lo-fi digital hardcore era! mhzesent leaves the SP premises with a long lasting and ultra violent impression! But it's the nutter disco polka rave inside that keeps this madness alive and kicking! Time to pick up the straw or roll up a note and snort this insanity up...
Keywords: extratone; noise; speedcore; glitch; lo-bit; lobit; lowbit; 8kbps
Downloads: 51
[audio]ACIDCUNT - A Handful Of Shit - ACIDCUNT
lo-bit shit noise from axcxuxnxtx.
Keywords: lo-bit noise; acidcunt; shitcore; harshnoise; power electronics; digital noise
Downloads: 382
[audio][GT127] Microbit Project - Dia-Lup Music Complex (Collection 2006-2008) - Evgenij V. Kharitonov
Genetic Trance. Recorded: 2006-2008 All sounds created and performed by Evgenij V. Kharitonov, 2006-2008 2011[c]Microbit Project Country: Russia Keywords: Various underground styles Quality: mp3 with variable bitrate (from 8 to 32 kbps) Total time: 2 hour 10 min. 8 sec. MICROBIT PROJECT - Field for various underground experiments: Dialup (lobit) music, Toymusic (toytronica), industrial, alternative punk-pop...
Keywords: Genetic Trance; Microbit Project; experimental; noise; lo-bit; drone; ambient
Downloads: 234
[audio][GT280] П/Н - Geleos-Zeit - P/N
Genetic Trance. The first lo-bit album by P/N, experimental / rock / psychedelic band from Ukraine. Enjoy ! http://genetic-trance.narod.ru
Keywords: Genetic Trance; P/N; lo-bit; experimental; rock; psychedelic
Downloads: 109
[audio][8R016] - Cryovolcano
[8R016] Cryovolcano - 005
Keywords: Electronic; Cryovolcano; low-bit; lo-bit; 8Ravens; 8 kbps
Downloads: 451 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][uwr004] Hussein Unsane - Miracle Liquor - Unaware Records
[uwr004] Hussein Unsane - Miracle Liquor
Keywords: Ambient; Electronic; Experimental; Hussein Unsane; Lo-Bit; Lobit; Lo Bit; Low Bit; Low Bitrate; Miracle Liquor; Unaware Records
Downloads: 1,238
[audio]CONTACT GROUP LO-BIT THREAD COMPILATION, Volume 1 - various international audio artists
Here is the CONTACT GROUP LO-BIT THREAD COMPILATION! 99 tracks of lo-bit sound vapor created by the members of the Contact Group of Homemade Experimental Electronic Music & Noise on Facebook. On June 19, 2012 I made this announcement in a post in the Contact Group of Homemade Experimental Electronic Music & Noise on Facebook: here is the CONTACT GROUP LO-BIT THREAD COMPILATION! upload a NEW track created for this project - maximum 90 seconds - mp3 maximum 64kbps - to Soundcloud...
Keywords: lo bit; lo-bit; lo-fi; experimental; noise; electronic; 8 bit; 8-bit; circuit bent; DIY; collage
Downloads: 641 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]MICROBIT-REC 133 - Marasmatronics Projet
MICROBIT RECORDS NETLABEL PRESENT Catalog#: MBR-133 Release date: January 2011 =============== artist: MARASMATRONICS PROJET release: M =============== Created, Performed, Recorded, Produced and Artworks by Alex U. Ischenkau (Vziel Projet), 2010 2011[c] Marasmatronics Projet 2011[c] Microbit Records Country: Ukraine Keywords: Lo-bit psycho noise Digital quality: MP3, 8 kbps, 24 Hz, stereo Time: 7:16 Track-listing: 1...
Keywords: MICROBIT-REC; Microbit-Records Netlabel; Marasmatronics Projet; lo-bit psycho noise; lobit; Alex U. Ischenkau; Vziel Projet; lo-bit; lowbit; low bitrate; trash sound; 8 kbps; Ukraine
Downloads: 135
[audio]MICROBIT REC 121 - Kai Nobuko
MICROBIT RECORDS NETLABEL PRESENT Catalog#: MBR-121 Release date: 2010-06-09 ======================================== Artist: KAI NOBUKO Release name: LO FI = HAPPY! JIPPY! JOY! ======================================== Performed, Recorded, Produced and Artworks by Kai Nobuko (aka Toxic Chicken) 2010[c] Kai Nobuko 2010[c] Microbit Records Country: Holland / UK / Thailand Digital Quality: MP3, 32 kbps 44 HZ, 40 kbps 16HZ, stereo Time: 14 min...
Keywords: MICROBIT-REC; Microbit Records netlabel; Kai Nobuko; German lederhose hosse; Nuttercore; lobit flop; Thai; Low Bitrate; Lowbit; lobit; lo-bit; lo bit; lo-fi; Holland
Downloads: 2,449
[audio]MICROBIT-REC 129 - Syncretic
MICROBIT RECORDS NETLABEL PRESENT Catalog#: MBR-129 Release date: 24 November 2010 ================== Artist: Syncretic Release: Single ================== Composed on the evening of 22nd November 2010, at the time that Syncretic was formed. 2010[c] Syncretic 2010[c] Microbit Records Country: UK Keywords: Lo-bit, Electronic, Keyboard, Ambient, minimal melodic 8-bit tunes Digital quality: MP3, 32 kbps 16HZ, stereo Time: 3:03 Track-listing: 1...
Keywords: MICROBIT-REC; Microbit-Records Netlabel; Syncretic; Lo-bit; Electronic; Ambient; minimal melodic 8-bit tunes; lo-bit; lobit; lowbit; 32 kbps; UK
Downloads: 259
[audio][uwr030] jjoth - Uglublenie - Unaware Records
[uwr030] jjoth - Uglublenie
Keywords: [uwr030]; Unaware Records; jjoth - Uglublenie; jjoth; Uglublenie; Experimental; Minimal; Minimalism; Minimalist; Lobit; Lo-bit; Lo Bit; Lowbit; Low-bit; Low Bit; Low bitrate; 8 kbps
Downloads: 676
[audio][uwr027] Cat as Furry Theremin - Monoregression - Unaware Records
[uwr027] Cat as Furry Theremin - Monoregression
Keywords: Cat as Furry Theremin; Monoregression; [uwr027]; 32 Kbps; Unaware Records; Noise; Harsh Noise; Lobit; Lo bit; Lo-bit; Low Bit; Lowbit; Low-bit; Low Bitrate
Downloads: 959
[audio][uwr029] Microbit Project - Camera Obscura - Unaware Records
[uwr029] Microbit Project - Camera Obscura
Keywords: Lowbit; Low bitrate; Lobit; Lo bit; Lo-bit; Low bit; experimental; acousmatic; jazz-noise; drone ambient; ambient noise; Microbit Project; Camera Obscura; [uwr029]; Unaware Records
Downloads: 646
[audio]MICROBIT-REC 130 - Pollux / Toxic Chicken
MICROBIT RECORDS NETLABEL PRESENT Catalog#: MBR-130 Release date: December 2010 ================================== Artist: POLLUX and TOXIC CHICKEN Release: POLLUX / TOXIC CHICKEN SPLIT ================================== All tracks composed by Arnaud Barbe (Pollux), remixed by Kai Nobuko (Toxic Chicken) 2010[c] Pollux / Arnaud Barbe 2010[c] Kai Nobuko / Toxic Chicken 2010[c] Microbit Records Country: France / Thailand/ Holland Keywords: lowbit Lounge, Experimental Chill, Electronic Digital Quali...
Keywords: Microbit-Rec; Microbit-Records netlabel; Pollux; Toxic Chicken; lo-fi chill; experimental chill; lo-bit lounge; 32 kbps; lobit; lo-bit; lowbit; low bitrate; France; Thailand; Holland
Downloads: 374
[audio][uwr021] Sascha Müller - Murder Death Kill - Unaware Records
[uwr021] Sascha Müller - Murder Death Kill
Keywords: 48 kbps; Lobit; Lo-bit; Lo Bit; Lowbit; Low-bit; Low Bit; Low Bitrate; Minimal; Techno; Tech-House; Sascha Müller; [uwr021]; Unaware Records
Downloads: 1,570
[audio][uwr035] fUICIDE - Unaware Records
[uwr035] fUICIDE
Keywords: Unaware Records; [uwr035]; fUICIDE; Techno; Minimal Techno; Lobit; Lo-bit; Lo Bit; Low Bit; Lowbit; Low-bit; Low Bitrate; Minimal; Minimalism; Minimalist; 40 kbps
Downloads: 99
[audio][uwr024] jjoth - Gambarbozia - Unaware Records
[uwr024] jjoth - Gambarbozia
Keywords: Ambient; Experimental; Noise; Lobit; Lo Bit; Lo-Bit; Lowbit; Low Bit; Low-Bit; Low Bitrate; jjoth; Gambarbozia; Unaware Records; [uwr024]
Downloads: 1,723
[audio]MICROBIT-REC 197 - Grigoriy Nedelko
MICROBIT-RECORDS NETYLABEL PRESENT CATALOG#: [MBR-197/2013] Release date: February 2013 ======================================= Artist: GRIGORIY NEDELKO Release: B-SIDE ====================================== RELEASE NOTE: This 10-track album has many connections with the previous record as well as a lot of new in sounding. It presents more "thinking" guitar and difficulties of compositions, stronger vocal, harmonica, various features and other...
Keywords: MICROBIT-REC; Microbit-Records netlabel; Grigoriy Nedelko; Rock; Postrock; lobit; lo-bit; Russia; 64 kbps
Downloads: 53
[audio][GTC002] Vziel Projet - All Women's Day - Alex Usiel Ischenkau
GENETIC TRANCE ++++++++++++++++ s i n g l e Artist: Vziel Projet (Kiyiv, Ukraine) Title: All Women's Day Genre: Lo-fi Format: MP3 (8 March kbps) ++++++++++++++++ alexios@ukr.net E N J O Y !
Keywords: Genetic Trance; Ukraine; Lo-fi; Lo-bit; indie; rock; alternative; women
Downloads: 149
[audio][8R084] - mhz_
[8R084]mhz_ - stuff - 8kbps edition
Keywords: mhz_; experimental; field recordings; drone; 8ravens; 8 kbps; lo-bit
Downloads: 56
18 digital floppy disks lowbit releases, 2009-2010
Keywords: Microbit Project discography; Microbit Project Ultimate discography; dialup music; lo-bit; floppy disk
Downloads: 17
[audio]MIZ8KB - Microbit Project
Radical LowBit EP From MICROBIT PROJECT Bitrate: 8 kbps
Keywords: Microbit Project; Evgenij V. Kharitonov; 8 kbps; mono; Lowbit; Lo-Bit
Downloads: 28
[audio]MICROBIT-REC 039 - Kisama!
MICROBIT-REC NETLABEL Present: Catalog#: MBR-039 Artist: KISAMA! (U.S.) Title: INTERSTELLAR EMPEROR DEATH KING Interstellar Emperor Death King was recorded between Oct and Nov 2008 by J.Hjorth for Microbit-Rec. Cover by J.Hjorth. Style: Experimental Bitrate: 48 kbps; stereo Run time: 17:01 Released: November 18 2008 Kisama MySpace: www.myspace.com/kisamakisama Microbit-Rec MySpace: www.myspace.com/microbitrec Microbit-Rec Home Page: http://lautpoesie.narod.ru/Microbit-rec.html
Keywords: Microbit-Rec; Microbit Records netlabel; lowbit; lo-bit; Lobit; 48 kbps; Kisama!; Experimental
Downloads: 132
[audio]MICROBIT-REC 033 - Bezizgiba and EugeneKha
MICROBIT-REC [netlabel] CATALOG#: MBR-033 artist: BEZIZGIBA vs. EUGENEKHA title: VIVALDI THEM (EP) style: Sound Art, Electronic, Avant-garde BITRATE: 48 kbps, 32 kbps; stereo run time 5:18 Music by and Performer by Roman Dobroradnykh and Evgenij V. Kharitonov 2008 TRACK-LIST: 1. Bezizgiba - Vivaldi's nigtmare (2:53) 2. EugeneKha - La Tempesta Di Mare (2:25) MICROBIT-REC MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/microbitrec Bezizgiba MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/bezizgiba EugeneKha MySpace: http://www.m...
Keywords: Microbit-Rec; Microbit Records netlabel; Bezizgiba; EugeneKha; lowbit; lo-bit; lo-fi; netlabels; electronic; avant-garde
Downloads: 139
all lowbit releases 2010
Keywords: Microbit Project; Microbit Project Discography; Microbit Project Ultimate Discography; Dialup sound; lo-bit
Downloads: 11
[audio]MICROBIT-REC 067 - Mono Syntax
MICROBIT RECORDS NETLABEL PRESENT: Catalog#: MBR-067 *********************************************************** Artist: MONO SYNTAX Title: STST *********************************************************** Musician, performed and produced by Polus: 2009 ******************************************************** Country: Italy Keywords: lobit Ambient Run time 4:45 Bitrate: 8 kbps mono Released: March, 23th, 2009 Microbit Records ******************************************************** TRACK-LIST: 1...
Keywords: Microbit-Rec; Microbit Records netlabel; Mono Syntax; Low bitrate; lowbit; lobit; lo-bit; 8 kbps; Ambient
Downloads: 128
MICROBIT-REC NETLABEL PRESENT: Ctatalog#: MBR-047 ******************************************************** Artists: GARIN and VIKHORNOV Title: MOSCOW ANOMALY CENTER ******************************************************** Music by and Performed by Garin and Vikhornov: 2008 ******************************************************** Keywords: Electronic, keyboards, Classical, Experimental, 8 kbps Run time 4:57 Bitrate: 8 kbps mono Released: 15th January 2009 *****************************************...
Keywords: Microbit-Rec; Microbit Records netlabel; lowbit; lo-bit; 8 kbps; Garin; Vikhornov; Keyboards; Classical; Experimental
Downloads: 161
[audio]MICROBIT-REC 160 - mhz_
MICROBIT-RECORDS NETLABEL PRESENT CATALOG#: MBR-160 Released: September 2011 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Artist: MHZ_ Release: 19-08-2011 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Produced by mhz_ Recorded: 19.08.2011 2011[c] mhz 2011[c] Microbit-Records Country: Poland Keyword: Lobit, Experimental Quality: 24 kbps, 11 Hz, mono Total time: 2:27 ================================================= ARTIST WEB: http://mhz1.bandcamp.com = = = = = = = = = = MICROBIT RECORDS: http://lautpoesie.narod2.ru/Microbit_Rec...
Keywords: Microbit-Records Netlabel; MICROBIT-REC; mhz_; experimental; 24 kbps; lobit; lo-bit; low bitrate; Poland
Downloads: 195 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]MICROBIT-REC 053 - Mono Syntax
MICROBIT-REC NETLABEL PRESENT: Catalog#: MBR-053 ******************************************************** Artist: MONO SYNTAX Title: F ******************************************************** Musician, performed and produced by Polus ******************************************************** Country: Italy Keywords: Noise Run time 15:18 Bitrate: 16 kbps mono Released 27th January 2009 ******************************************************** Microbit Records MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/microbit...
Keywords: Microbit-Rec; Microbit Records netlabel; Lowbit; Lo-Bit; Lobit; 16 kbps; noise; Mono Syntax
Downloads: 116
[audio]MICROBIT-REC 087 - Graffiti Mechanism
MICROBIT RECORDS NETLABEL PRESENT CATALOG #: MBR-087 ************************************************ ************************************************ Artist: GRAFFITI MECHANISM Release: MIX (ep) ************************************************ ************************************************ Recorded: 2009 [c] All tracks by Adam Crammond (Graffiti Mechanism): 2009 Released: July 2009 Microbit Records ********************************************************** Country: USA Keywords: Low bit, Tech...
Keywords: Microbit-Rec; Microbit Records Netlabel; Graffiti Mechanism; Adam Crammond; Techno; Mix; Lowbit; lo-bit; lobit; lowbitrate
Downloads: 149
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